Lawn mowing leads and rounds for sale

Lawn mowing leads for sale

Do you dream of having your own business? Are you willing to work hard to get there, while learning all the way along?
My Lawn mowing business gets more inquiries than I can take on so I am willing to pass on the work and the customers to the right people.
Leads available for just $15 per lead or less.
Suitable if you are seeking a start in the lawn mowing industry or for those just wanting more work in their area or Christchurch wide.
Just register your interest through the contact form and when a quote becomes available you will be notified with the option of accepting it or not.
Leads must be paid for before job details given.
All responsibility to turn the lead into a paying client is the lead purchasers responsibility. Lead Details will be sent out via email or text. This will contain as much information as possible about the job.

How it woks The lead is offered with the area, type of job, time frame, eg mowing small lawn long grass in ilam needs mowed by end of week. Once the lead is accepted then further details are given eg, address, persons name or phone number or email will be forwarded.
No refunds are given on as it's up to the person buying the lead to be able to turn it into paid work and to build up regular customers from leads.
All leads must be paid for in advance and there is a discount when bulk buying. See our Shop page for details.

Lawn mowing round

Price includes training on the job and ongoing support available.
Further training and recommendations in accounting and scheduling software are provided.
All lawns are mowed to the same standard with edges trimmed and to a particular height setting.

What you get;
A set number of regular lawns mostly 2 weekly and around 4 weekly in winter. With some being on a as needed basis.
All priced well and most are mowed on a certain day usually every 2 weeks.
Non franchise so no ongoing fee's.
Price depends on amount of regular lawns purchased and includes ongoing support/mentorship.

Ongoing leads available if desired @ $12 to $15 per lead.
Most enquiries are for just lawn mowing but other work gardening etc is available also.
Leads that are available can be from 1 to 3 per day but as work is seasonal the most work available is from spring until Autum.

Work Opportunities Subcontracting

The opportunity exists for the right person to take on a part time casual position in their area of Christchurch with the aim of increasing their workload to full time as we get into spring. Start off with only a few hours work or a couple of days and gradually build up to full time or hours to suit your life style.

As a subcontractor pay is based on each regular lawn mow done and you will be paid directly from the contractor [myself]. You must provide all tools and equipment yourself. I can advise you on quality equipment and where to purchase it.

As well, for those looking to buy a business, the opportunity exists to purchase this business.

What I can provide for you as a Subcontract in Dan's Mowing
  • Regular and one off gardening and lawn mowing jobs.
  • Jobs quoted and work in your area provided.
  • Flexibility to work your own hours and times that suit you.
  • Choice of work you prefer...whether its lawns, gardening, hedges, pruning etc
  • Quality reputation of Dan's Mowing to grow and develop your own business.
  • Immediate payment to you upon payment from customer.
  • Recommendations for building a successful business.
  • Recommendations for tax returns, financial planning and record keeping.
  • Advertising including my website.
  • Correct pricing and quoting done.
  • Customer relations and bill collection.
  • Ongoing training and support that keeps a business running.
My promise to you is that I will...
  • Contact you as soon as possible when work is available.
  • Arrange work on the days that you are available.
  • Provide business coaching and mentoring.
  • Payment on a job by job basis not an hourly rate.

In summary... I work as a team with sub contractors to provide ongoing work and training.

The profitability of Dan's Mowing depends on great team work.

Phone or Text 027 872 7596

Daniel Kevin Morgan T/A Dans Mowing. NZ owned business for trading/registration

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