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Lawn mowing Christchurch for 2 weekly mows Text 027 872 7596

Specializing in 2 weekly mows in most areas of Christchurch. Winter is monthly to 6 weekly. Just text me the address, will have a look on google maps at lawn size and reply with the price. 

Prices $25, $30, $35, $40, $45. Most lawns I mow regularly are around the $25-$35 range.

I do an excellent job, going on 10 years experience and am super reliable for my regular customers. 

Overgrown or lawns not maintained 2 weekly would be mulched the first mow and a extra charge the first mow also. 

Most of my customers are busy people, rental properties and elderly people. Can stick to approximately two weekly mows but my schedule/day mowed can fluctuate a we bit as have to work around my wife's hours at the hospital and looking after my we boy. 

The other issue with one off mows is often its long grass that's wet and if there is stones I can not see. So I can't take responsibility for broken windows so I put this back on the person who asked me to do the lawn.  So No one off mows so I just do the one off mows where I don't need to make appointments and meetings about the lawn. 

No longer doing one off mows as the lawns all grow lots at the same time and have had complaints when people want it mowed straight away during the high demand times and I can't get there.

Together with a complaint of a chipped window and delays in getting one off mows done during peak demand this has effected my google ranking negatively. So I'm doing the easy jobs that pay me well and on time so I can do more of the things I enjoy in life. 

Thank you and have a nice day!


Lawn mowing quote from google maps

For 2 weekly lawn mows please send the address and confirm that your wanting a 2 weekly mow and I will reply with a quote from google maps. 

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Lawn mowing service Christchurch Contact us for lawn mowing via Text is best

Regular mows we trim the edges first, mow, blow grass of paths etc and take the grass away.

One off mows where the grass is long and not able to be caught with catcher we mulch.

Terms of lawn mowing service

One off mows payment on the day to be mowed via account or money left out. 

2 Weekly lawn mows invoiced at end of month or text sent on completion of mow.

Long grass/thick grass that has not been mowed 2 weekly is weed-eated/ mowed without catcher on so it mulches.

Grass that has had regular mowing is mowed as normal.

Daniel Kevin Morgan T/A Dans Mowing. NZ owned business for trading/registration

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