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Contact Us via Text is best

Please Text Details to 027 872 7596 for quote from google maps


When the lawn was last mowed

How often you want it mowed/one off

Length of grass


Terms, one off mows payment on the day via account or money left out. 
2 Weekly lawn mows invoiced at end of month. Thanks much, Dan

Long grass/thick grass that has not been mowed 2 weekly is weed-eated/ mowed without catcher on so it mulches.

Grass that has had regular mowing is mowed as normal.

Daniel Morgan Kiwibank 38-9011-0064828-00   Please refernece address of property

Prices Regular and One Off Mowing Service Christchurch

Regular Lawn Mowing Prices

Keeping your lawn tidy and under control all year round including over the holidays and mows during winter at two and four to six weekly intervals.  Also mows as needed.

Lawn mows throughout Christchurch, edges trimmed and clippings removed.

Two weekly lawn mows from $25-$50 approx depending on the size, shape, access and difficulty of the lawn. For more prices see below.

Less frequently than two weekly is priced accordingly based on the grass growth and the time it takes to complete.

Note, overgrown lawns are weedeated and left to mulch, can then be mowed up after a week or two if required.

Do we have the ability to quote the lawn when in the area?

One Off Lawn Mows

Text/email the address. Include the length of the grass, when its last been mowed
and when it can be mowed or when you need it mowed.
Will price it from google maps. Payment is required on the day it is to be mowed through internet banking or money left out.

Prices from $35 to $80 for small to large lawn mows and small to medium size weed eating jobs (grass to long to mow)

Weedeating and Section grass mulching

Section with house on it lawn area only weedeat from $80 to $150

Whole sections weedeat 6 monthly/yearly $200 to $400. Approx from 500 to 1000 sq meters.

Lawn mowing specialists

Dan's Mowing was established over 5 years ago and over 122 regular lawn mows have been built over that time. Most are 2 weekly except winter, some even every week, others are every 4 weeks or on demand.

Dan's Mowing.

Regular lawn mowing specialist throughout Christchurch only. Edges trimmed and clippings removed for 2 weekly lawn mows.

One off lawn mows.

Hedge trimming is available late Autum and into winter.

We quote the lawn  by google maps and your description of the lawn. Eg address of property, size of lawn, when it was last mowed and how often it has been mowed.

Please let us know the frequency you would like the lawn mowed. One off, 2 weekly or text us when you need it mowed etc.

The type of mow depends on the frequency the lawn is being mowed.

Happy to mow before open homes, flat inspections etc.

Lawn Mowing Regular Prices Detailed

Spring to Autumn 2 weekly mowing schedule, winter 4-6 weekly.

Small lawn $25 (Minimum Charge) eg unit, small lawn townhouse, council strip ect. Hasn't been mowed for more than 2 weeks first mow $35 then $25 2 weekly.

Little bit bigger than small lawn $30 but not overly large. Eg Townhouse, just a front lawn, just a back lawn with a small front. Hasn't been mowed for over 2 weeks first mow $40 then $30 2 weekly.

Medium Size lawn $35, if mowed more than 2 weeks ago $45 then $35 2 weekly.

Large lawn $40, $55 first mow if not mowed 2 weeks ago then $40 2 weekly.

Larger lawn $45, first mow $60 if mowed more than 2 weeks ago then $45 every 2 weeks.

Payment on the day. Cash left out, in my bank account on or before the day its due to be mowed. We can mow lawns before open homes and keep them tidy for the sale. We jmostly do regular lawn mows, we look after and are looking after our long term customers first.

The height of the mow is determined by what height it was last cut, the regularity it has been mowed, other factors like risk of stones flicking etc.

Access is needed to the property on the scheduled day/days. We can't make appointments to do lawn mowing.

Minimum Price is $25.

If the lawn mow ordered (by you the customer) is substantially different from how the mow difficulty eg price is percieved by us the lawn mowing provider then we will. A ask for the price difference to be paid before going ahead with mowing or b refund to the customer asap and not commence with the lawn mow.

Dan's Mowing

Dan's mowing has public liability insurance

Established 2011 owner operated

Police vetted and trusted by over 122 current regular customers

GST Registered for Business Customers

Lawn mow, before, during and after

Daniel Kevin Morgan T/A Dans Mowing. NZ owned business for trading/registration

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