Lawn mowing Christchurch 027 872 7596

Contact us for regular and one off lawn mowing services. Please send;

When last mowed

How long the grass is approximately

How often you want it mowed/one off

Are we able to mow it when in the area on a specified day

1 Send details above via text

2 We quote from google maps straight away

3 Arrange payment

4 Lawn is mowed as quoted

Message Sent.

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Lawn mowing service Christchurch Contact us for lawn mowing via Text is best

Regular mows we trim the edges first, mow, blow grass of paths etc and take the grass away.

One off mows where the grass is long and not able to be caught with catcher we mulch.

Terms of lawn mowing service

One off mows payment on the day to be mowed via account or money left out. 

2 Weekly lawn mows invoiced at end of month or text sent on completion of mow.

Long grass/thick grass that has not been mowed 2 weekly is weed-eated/ mowed without catcher on so it mulches.

Grass that has had regular mowing is mowed as normal.

Lawn Mowing Prices

Small lawn $25 regular

Medium size lawn $35 regular

Large lawn $45 regular

One off mows from $35 for a small lawn to $80 for a large lawn

Daniel Kevin Morgan T/A Dans Mowing. NZ owned business for trading/registration

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