Lawn mowing enquiries

For all lawn mowing enquiries please contact Nathan from Smileys Property Rescue


Phone or text 027 518 3710

Lawn Mowing Inquiries Christchurch

Please send a text with following detail 

One off mow or regular mow, if regular mow how often

Address so I can quote from google maps

How long the grass is and when it was last mowed

When I can access the property

Method of payment if quote accepted

Long grass is mulched, edges trimmed and grass removed for 2 weekly mows. 

Regular lawn mowing specialist Christchurch

Dan's mowing specialize in regular 2 weekly lawn mows from spring to autumn then just a few mow's in winter.  With 10 years experience, thousands of quotes done and lawns mowed we can say that we know what we are doing when it comes to lawns. 

What we do is show up, mow the lawn and text you when it's done or send a invoice at the end of the month.   

How do I change my lawn to garden that I can eat?.

Lawn to Garden fast

How do I change my lawn to a eatable garden fast? How do I create a vegetable garden? How do I make a vegetable garden and how long will it take before I can start to get food out of it? What resources do I need and what do I already have? Where can I find those resources such as compost and seed? My goal is to help people with all these things. So Dan's mowing is Now lawns to garden fast.

Fast Lawns to garden setup service by Phone Consultation 027 872 7596

Lawns to garden setup

Resource list- with what you have available or can source locally eg compost, cardboard, the amount of sun you get in your garden etc

Fast garden setup from lawn working in conjunction with customer resources and trade network eg making seedling trays from things you have at home, buying seeds, best place to put your garden, winter gardening

Demonstration videos and links to excellent free resources online

Seedlings- how to grow from seeds successfully

Seed- best seeds to buy so seed can be collected for sale or gift to others, for your own supply or for growing sprouts eg indoor winter growing

Planning of garden surrounding area eg cutting back trees to get adequate sunlight onto the garden area

Pruning fruit tree's properly for food production

Using chickens in the garden eg their food as a input to produce compost to produce food to exchange for neighbors food scraps in turn making contacts in your very local area.

Assistance and support  through half hour consultations payable in selected crypto currency also.

Resource list

#fast gardening to food

#lawns to garden

Lawn mowing to Fast gardening

Direction and goals of this business has now changed. 

No longer am I providing a service to mow lawns and take the grass away.

Now it is over the phone consultations on how to transform that same lawn to garden fast. 

Free solutions and resources are provided here.

Reasons for this change in direction are poverty but with time as a resource and finding the space to do that.

Quickly transforming a lawn into something one can eat. 

What resources do you have and what resources can you find in your local area?

Beliefs, how much of your own food can you produce on your own property?

The idea is that the supply chain of the world is now broken and that we need to get healthy. We need to reduce our contact with others that does happen when we buy food.

The solution is to grow your own food, use your time to get out in the sunlight and fresh air. Transforming a  area of lawn you have which gets sun into something you can eat soon.

We have names for these times, year zero, pandemic gardening, victory gardening, survivalist gardening, guerrilla gardening, urban foraging. But mainly establishing networks through food is what permaculture is.

Fast Lawns to garden setup service

By Phone consultation of 30 minutes. Please text or email for details on how I can help you grow your own food Now

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Message Sent.

Terms of lawn mowing service

ll consultations are to be prepaid and appointment made to show me around your property so we can plan a productive garden space, composting plan etc. 

Payment only accepted by bank account or in crypto currency and I can provide some resources on how to do this.

Daniel Kevin Morgan T/A Dans Mowing. NZ owned business for trading/registration

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